Stuff in the Pail:  Disney Princess Edition

   What’s up beautiful people? Today I have another collection of cool stuff, and this time it’s all centered around the Disney Princesses.

   There’s not a lot of stuff, mostly music, but what we do have, is, in my opinion, awesome.

   Let’s dig in, shall we?


  I’ve contemplated just turning this post into “Top Disney Covers” or something, just because of how music-heavy this is… But all of these are just so cool. They have all earned their place in the list.

  Just click on the song title to be taken to it’s YouTube video.

  Check out this jazz version Be Our Guest by Jamie Cullum and Eric Catona. There’s two albums of jazz Disney covers (Jazz Loves Disney and Jazz Loves Disney 2) out. I happened upon them while on YouTube. It’s relaxed, easy listening, and I feel like jazz fits this  song really well.

  Then there’s a punk-rock cover of  Kiss The Girl by the Christian band Stellar Kart. I love this so much, it’s ridiculous…  This version is very different from the original, but it’s awesome.

  Tori Kelly does the most beautiful cover of Colors of the Wind. Like, you could almost cry, it’s so lovely. This girl can sing.

  Guys, guys, I found like the most awesome metal/rock cover of Let It Go, done by Hunters Grace. I feel like a lot of versions either rely on the vocals or the music to make it a rock version, but this one didn’t skimp on either one.

I adore this Beauty and the Beast melody by Lindsey Stirling. The video is fun, plus I’m just a huge fan of her music  and Beauty and the Beast anyway.

  And lastly, we have a lovely instrumental version of A Whole New World. It’s simple, yet pretty.


   Crown of Beauty Magazine has the most hilarious, fun, and awesome Disney Princess Quiz, I love it so much. (I’m a Rapunzel, by the way).


  Little Faith Blog has a series of devotions based off of the Disney Princesses: Proverbs 31 Princess. I must confess, I have yet to read through all of these, but the few I did were really good.



Disney Style has a tutorial for a Beauty and the Beast- inspired wreath. Have I made it? No, no I haven’t, but it’s soo pretty. You can find it here.

  So, that’s all I have. Let me know what you think. What was your favorite cover? And which Disney Princess is your favorite?

Yours Truly,

Blue Pail Bloggers.


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