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Playlists of 2023

Ello love! It has been ages since I’ve posted something, so as an effort to be both more active on here and to procrastinate my coming doom (aka, a two-week immersive experience without my phone or hair products or my …

13 of My Favorite Things

Photo credit: Vadim Paripa on Unsplash

Ello lovelies! I’m back! (For today at least). It’s been a hectic semester, but it has been full of so many blessings and adventures, including swing dancing at midnight, dressing as a hippie, Bible …

My Recent Playlist(s)

Ello lovelies, welcome back to the Pail! Today, I am sharing some playlists that I’ve been listening to on repeat – aka the songs that have kept me alive in college, get stuck in my head, and that I want …

Playlist Swap with Sam @Bookshire

Hiya wonderful people! I’m a bit late to publish this, but at least it’s not 11:59. Ahem.

Anyways, I reached out to Sam from Sam @Bookshire, asking if she’d like to swap playlists, and she said yes!!! (Moral of …

Meet My WIP (Of Vampires and Cherry Limeades)

Hiya wonderful people! It’s been forever since I’ve posted on here, but today, in the spirit of random awesomeness and NaNoWriMo, I will be rambling on about my current work in progress, Of Vampires and Cherry Limeades.

Mock cover