A Lost Art


Ello loves! Annelise here! I’m a little late on this post, I know. I’m guilty of it but know that I have a list of blogs ready to be written and by the time this one is posted, I may have already written a few more!

Anyways, as you can tell by the title, this blog is all about a lost art. The art of mailing people! With today’s world, everything is instantaneous with texting and even emailing. It’s an efficient way to get into contact with someone quick. Just click a few buttons, type out your message, hit send, and boom. You’re done. Because of these technological advances, it isn’t necessary to mail a letter to send a message (in most cases, that is). 

However, I love sending people letters. I feel it lets the recipient know that I put effort and time into the letter, letting them know that I was thinking about them and that I care about them. Writing letters can also be a soothing, fun downtime activity. 

    Having said that, let’s get into our post today: writing letters and sending them off!

Letters: Basics

What You Need

While this seems a little silly, this list also provides optional materials as well as acts as a checklist for myself. Here it is:

  • Pencil/Pen

  •   Lined paper (preferred for me, you can use any paper)

  •  Envelope (I like using these)

  •  Stamps

Optional Things:

  • Stickers for decorating
  • Colored pens, markers, or pencils
  • Parchment paper
  • Sealing wax (I got mine from here)

Writing the Letter Itself

This part is pretty straight forward. Pick a person you want to write to, set up the page appropriately, then start writing. Well, I say set up the page properly. If you are sending it to a family member or friend, the set up does not have to be formal. Here’s an example of what I usually do:

Add Addresses

While we aren’t finished yet, it’s always a good idea to remember to put the information necessary to send off your letter before doing anything else. If you are unsure what needs to go on the envelope, here’s an example (original by creativecommunities):


There! Now that the envelope is filled out, let’s get into the fun part! While the letter is obviously the main event of the well, letter, it’s always fun to decorate it and the envelope. Some of my favorite ways are just using pretty pens, trying out different lettering techniques, adding stickers, and sealing the letter with wax. I decorated one as I was writing this post so here, this is how mine turned out!

It isn’t perfect by any means, but it was cool making it. I absolutely love sealing envelopes this way. If you haven’t ever tried it, I definitely encourage trying it out though, be careful. It does involve fire after all. 


Thank you so much for reading and if you did this along with me, I hope it was fun! Remember to leave a like and comment if you so please to do so. It would be really appreciated. Have a safe and wonderful day, God bless!~

— Annelise

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