Spoiler-Free Reviews: Frozen 2 and Onward.

  As promised, here is a spoiler-free review of Frozen 2. I’ve also added Disney/Pixar’s Onward as a bonus for you.

  Because, sometimes you want to know if a movie’s good or not, but not all the details and surprises. I have linked one not spoiler-free review under my review of it, for when you do watch it.

I’ve never done this, so let’s see how it goes.


  Let’s get down to Frozen 2.

  I’d rate it at about four/ four and a half stars. Sequels often fail, but this one didn’t. It was hilarious, and the animation was beautiful.

  Review: you can read my thoughts on the matter in the article Frozen 2: Thoughts.

Onward was awesome! I give it a solid four and a half stars. It was sooo funny (like make your stomach hurt funny), and also made me cry… Definitely worth watching.

Review: I’ve chosen Helena Sorensen’s article Onward and the Quest for the Father- https://rabbitroom.com/2020/05/onward-and-the-quest-for-the-father/

So, it’s just a short post, but I hope you enjoyed this. What’s your favorite movie? -Tell us in the comments below!

With much love, Blue Pail Bloggers.

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