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Musings and A Guest Post I Wrote

Photo credit: Marifer on Unsplash

What’s up lovely readers? Today’s been a day. I want to get in the habit of posting once a week, preferably on Fridays, but at the moment, I’m too tired to come up with something …

In Which I Return From An Unannounced Haitus

Ello lovelies! As you may have noticed,the Blue Pail has been woefully silent for the entirety of 2022, and for this, I deeply apologize. I left no haitus notice – I simply shoved Blue Like Jazz in your face, did …

Playlist Swap with Sam @Bookshire

Hiya wonderful people! I’m a bit late to publish this, but at least it’s not 11:59. Ahem.

Anyways, I reached out to Sam from Sam @Bookshire, asking if she’d like to swap playlists, and she said yes!!! (Moral of …

High School Graduation (As A Homeschooler)

Hello, my wonderful readers! So, a few months ago, I graduated high school as a homeschooler!

Having done it, and survived, I thought I’d share my experience (and a playlist) for the homeschoolers to come after me and for the ones …

American Ninja Warrior Is Back!

Hiya wonderful people! Today, I’m fangirling out about my favorite TV show, American Ninja Warrior, and why it’s so awesome. Please, join me in this madness.

So, it’s summer again, and Ninja is back. As soon as I see the …

Journaling: An Art


Ello loves! Annelise here! It has been a long while since I last wrote something here. Rest assured, I shall begin writing much more regularly from now on as to do my part around the blog and take some …

The Blue Pail Turns One!

Yes people, the blog is officially one year old today! We’re planning a bigger, badder anniversary post that will be posted probably in about a week or two… But for now, let’s celebrate!