The Blue Pail Reading Challenge

   I’m excited to announce the 2021 Blue Pail Reading Challenge. We have twenty-one categories for you to enjoy…

1) A book by a self-published (indie) author

2) A childhood favorite

3) A book by C.S. Lewis

4) A comedic novel

5) A classic

6) A book recommended by a friend

7) A book of poetry

8) A book with a blue cover

9) Something fantasy

10) A collection of short stories

11) A biography

12) A book with a number in the title

13) Something sci-fi

14) Something non-fiction

15) A book on theology/ a devotional

16) A book on travel

17) A book that was made into a movie

18) A collection of fairy tales

19) A book that takes place in a different country

20) A historical fiction novel

21) A comic book or a book of comics

And that’s the end of that. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to complete the list.


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