The Abandoned Piano

Photo credit: Morgan Von Gunter on Unsplash

Ello love! Welcome back to the Blue Pail! Today’s post is just a short story that I wrote a while back for a contest about an abandoned piano. Hope you enjoy it… 😊

He wandered into the clearing, hands in the pockets of his green shorts, curious. 

 In the middle of the clearing, underneath one of the largest trees, a particularly knobby, ancient-looking one, was a large piano. The forest’s canopy was reflected in its glossy black surface, and it was in perfect condition, despite being out in the open. 

 Beside the piano was a rather less unsettling object: a black plastic chair. It’s sad, chipped self was not unlike a ragged beggar sitting next to a sharply-dressed man in a top hat. 

 He walked up to the piano, hands still in his pockets, and glanced around. He was alone. There were no fairy eyes peeping through the tree leaves, no elven archer waiting to spear him for touching the king’s piano. 

 Pulling a hand from his pocket, he pressed down on a key. 

  The sound, deep and soulful, reverberated through the forest. The trees relaxed, as if the note removed some stress they had been carrying. 

 Emboldened, he hit another key, this one lighter, softer, a sigh. 

  A trio of notes came next, a flutter of butterflies, a pattering of feet down a hallway at two am, heartbeats racing. 

 The rest flowed out effortlessly, his hands translating the cries of his soul into music, sound. It was passion, despair, hopelessness, hope, his torn heart bleeding out into the keys. 

  As the last note hung in the air, he leaned over and whispered to the piano, his hair falling forward. 

  He left, hands stuffed back into his pockets, his heart a little less broken than it was before. 

 I thought about saying something as he walked away, but I shut my mouth and let him go. I hope he comes back. His music helped ease the pain. 

 Sitting in the chair, I lean forward and press a key, just to see what will happen.   


What’s up, lovely readers? Have you written anything interesting lately? Read anything cool (I’m reading After Moses by Michael F. Kane)? If you happened to like this, you can check out my random snippets of writing here: A Fae, A Werecat, and A Pink-haired Monster.

Until next week,

Rebekkah W.

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