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14 Awesome Christian Rock Bands.

What’s up beautiful people? I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian rock lately and I wanted to share some awesome bands with you guys.

14 Awesome Christian Rock Bands.

   Sometimes rock just hits the spot, you know?


Struggling with Doubt.

  Okay, to be totally honest with you, I’ve been struggling with doubt and the whole faith-thing in general. I don’t know whether I’m growing closer or falling away.

  But I wanted to share a couple things I’ve learned, …

Miss-Understood: A Review

So, I recently finished Magdaline G. Jones’s book Miss-Understood, and I wanted to share it with you, because it was so good! I could’ve devoured the whole thing in a sitting… It was fabulous.

Miss-Understood is the first book in …

For the Writers

  Hello! Today’s post is for the writers. It’s not much, just some thoughts and a few tips/cool stuff I’ve found.


   I’m more of an amateur writer I guess. But I do write (mostly fantasy). What about you? …

Stuff in the Pail: A

  So, Stuff in the Pail is going to be our semi-regular recommendations for you guys. We may or may not have a theme, but today, it’s the letter “A“. (B and C will come along later). …

7 Awesome Summer Reads.

7 Awesome Summer Reads (Blue Pail Blogs)

  So, summer’s almost over, but I wanted to share a small list of summer reads. (It’s not like anyone’s going to the movies). All of these are books I’ve loved, and I hope …