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Stuff in the Pail: Fantasy

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  Hello wonderful people! Today I have yet another collection of cool stuff, and this time it’s centered around Fantasy.


  • Auralia’s Colors by Jeffery Overstreet.

I adore this book. Overstreet’s writing is beautiful, and …

Blue Pail Music Challenge

  Hello people! Today, I am excited to introduce the Blue Pail 2021 Music Challenge. I’ve never done one of these, so we’ll see how it goes…

  We have 21 categories of songs/albums to listen to over the coming year. …

Stuff in The Pail: Christmas

  Christmas is right around the corner,  and today, I have an awesome list of my favorite movies, music, and books to get you in the spirit…



• My absolute favorite Christmas movie is A Charlie Brown Christmas

Stuff in the Pail: C

  Hello again, dear readers. This is the last set of recommendations in our ABC series, so C is the letter of the day. Once more, we have music, movies, books, and miscellaneous as categories…


  • The album Crash

14 Awesome Christian Rock Bands.

What’s up beautiful people? I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian rock lately and I wanted to share some awesome bands with you guys.

14 Awesome Christian Rock Bands.

   Sometimes rock just hits the spot, you know?


Stuff in the Pail: B

   Bonjour, and welcome to the Blue Pail!  Today, I have another collection of cool stuff for you, based on the letter”B“. We have the same categories as last time (music, books, movies, and miscellaneous) and just for …