Miss-Understood: A Review

So, I recently finished Magdaline G. Jones’s book Miss-Understood, and I wanted to share it with you, because it was so good! I could’ve devoured the whole thing in a sitting… It was fabulous.

Miss-Understood is the first book in the Miss-Trilogy. It’s a delicious piece of historical fiction, taking place in England at the very beginning of World War 1.

Felicia Porter, the main character, has just turned eighteen, and is about to have her debut/ season in London, which I’m guessing is her introduction to London society.

She’s dreading it. She sees it as the end of her freedom; besides, she can’t stand society: the small talk with people you don’t really like, and all the rules (that she usually breaks).

I adore Felicia, and her spunk. She is such a fun heroine. To quote the book:

But my personality is the point, and mine is such that greatly delights in sliding down banisters.

From Miss-Understood by Magdaline G. Jones.

Anyway, she does go to London, with her sister, Gabi, and Lady Huntsworth (I don’t remember how exactly she’s related). And then… Accidents begin to pile up, more than mere coincidence. Someone is trying to kill her and her sister, but why?

Nothing like good ol’ assassins.

Oh, and she falls in love. Not to wreak it for you, but when she first meets this guy, she shoves him under a table – because that’s the type of person she is.

The love story was well written too. It wasn’t a reckless, thoughtless love, it was a good, thoughtful love.

In fact, the whole thing was well written. There’s a few minor errors/typos, but nothing big. The plot was good, and I loved the characters! Felicia was hilarious, and all the side characters were really good too.

My only complaint is that the end felt really easy, too easy. But then, there’s two other books.

I really enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend that you ignore the semi-corny title and read Miss-Understood.

You can read about it, and find the link to purchase it here: Link.

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