Journaling: An Art


Ello loves! Annelise here! It has been a long while since I last wrote something here. Rest assured, I shall begin writing much more regularly from now on as to do my part around the blog and take some pressure off my dear friend Rebekkah. To be regular, I will post at least once a month to help maintain the website. Anyways, on to the article!

Journaling: A Passion

Now, I don’t know about you people but, journaling is my favorite pastime. It gets my thoughts on paper and allows me to either leave them there or sort them out. It’s always a great feeling to get out what you’re feeling or write down ideas to make them solid/real. 

Having said that, let’s get into some of the basics of the art!

Journaling: The Basics

What You Need

A notebook of your liking and your desired writing utensil. That’s it. That’s all you need. However, more can be used. I’ve found that my favorite things are my 5 Star notebook, Papermate InkJoy pen (black), and occasionally I’ll doodle or highlight entries with Zebra Midliners (Fluorescent set).

How Often to Write

This is completely up to you. I used to write in mine everyday, sometimes twice a day, for four months straight. To keep me on track or give me a little extra motivation, I would set a five minute timer. I wouldn’t let my hand stop moving in until the timer went off to make sure I was getting something down. This was assurance that I was accomplishing something, even if it was only writing for five minutes exactly. 

While I don’t do this anymore and only write when I want to (so about three or less times a week), I still schedule some of my writings. Schedules aren’t for everyone but if you want to keep yourself productive without feeling as if your time is being consumed, I suggest trying to make a structured schedule. Perhaps you could try writing five minutes a day to start off with.

How To Start

Open the notebook then write. Sounds pretty straight-forward, right? That’s because it is.

It can be intimidating to stare at a blank page but trust me, the first entry does not need to be something spectacular. It’s only one sheet of paper in a vast world full of paper just like it. While that doesn’t mean it isn’t a special page to you, it is a matter that should not be fretted over. Trust me. 

Journaling: Go Do It!

So! Now that you have read all that information, go get creative out there! Fulfill your journaling dreams and fill up those notebooks! Though, keep in mind that depending on the journal size and how often you write, it might take a while to completely use up an entire journal but don’t be discouraged. You got this!


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— Annelise

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