Frozen 2: Thoughts.

  Spoiler Alert! Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t seen Frozen 2. Just scroll on by, scroll on by… I’ll post a spoiler-free review sometime. 

  So, Frozen 2 was different than I was expecting. I kinda thought it was going to be along the lines of Elsa’s powers were developing, etc. The spirits and magic forest were unexpected… But it was good.

  The characters have changed: Anna’s less ackward and Olaf has started spouting off random facts. Some of it felt kinda forced, like I think they over did Olaf’s …er…naive-ity.

  I’m not sure exactly how I feel about all of the changes, but people (and snowmen) do grow and change.

  And I know it’s Disney, but they sang. A lot. Please tell them a picture is worth a thousand words.

  The movie got better as it went on. The first scene in present-day Arendelle was ‘eh’. If you have to open with a song, at least make it better than Some Things Never Change.

  I don’t mean to be a giant critic, but some things bugged me. For instance, the replacement of God with nature (although you know they won’t put God directly in a movie) and the lack of a wedding. Why didn’t we get to see Anna marry Kristoff?

  But other things I loved. Olaf’s summary of the first movie was hilarious. And the forest was so lovely! I also liked getting glimpses of how Anna’s parents met and fell in love. And the fire-chameleon was so stinkin’ cute!!! 

  Speaking of cute, what do you think of the fashion? I loved most of it. Anna’s white dress with the jacket (you know the one) was beautiful, and so was Elsa’s final outfit.

  I also liked how they let their hair down. Elsa’s was especially lovely. Do you think it’s symbolic of her growing self-confidence that her hair got progressively looser throughout the movies?

  Now for the music. It did feel sort of excessive, but I really enjoyed some of the songs. Kristoff’s song, Lost in the Woods is my favorite. It was awesome!

  When I’m Older, sung by Olaf, was pretty good (but you can’t beat In Summer).

  Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but in Into The Unknown, I see a parallel between ‘secret siren’ and a quiet calling to (and from) God. You can call it just a “ringing in my ear”, or that ‘God is just an inspiring idea to ancient man’ but sometimes something or Someone is trying to get your attention. -It isn’t perfect, but you can see light traces of His fingerprints.

  To the next song. Next Right Thing (one of Anna’s solos) is a seriously sad song, on many levels.

  Losing someone you love is never easy, and it is hard to want to get up. And yes, sometimes when the future is dark, when we don’t know how we’re going to make it, doing ‘the next right thing’ is the best step we can do.

  But our hope doesn’t end there. When we hit rock bottom, we don’t have to stumble around, trying to do the ‘next right thing’, hoping that the light will come eventually. -Honey, there is a resurrection. Heaven is real, even if it feels more like a wishful dream sometimes. We have a great big God who loves us. That is our hope.

Change and transformation is a huge theme of Frozen 2. While they insist everything changes, except love, I would like to point out that everything changes – except God. Only He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Disney won’t feed your soul. Even their “wisdom” and “comfort” is lacking. All the advice they can give you is to ‘love yourself and keep moving forward’. -Don’t expect nutrition from junk food.

Only God can fill you up, complete you, and actually give you hope.

Still, movies are fun. Just in their rightful place.

Did I like the sequel to Frozen? Yes, yes I did.

For a complete list of songs (and lyrics), see Disney Clips.

…yes, sometimes when the future is dark, when we don’t know how we’re going to make it, doing ‘the next right thing’ is the best step we can do. But our hope doesn’t end there.

  Please comment below and tell me what you thought of Frozen 2! What were your favorite parts? (P.S. have the links been working?)

With love, Blue Pail Blogger Rebekkah Waner.

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