7 Awesome Summer Reads.

7 Awesome Summer Reads (Blue Pail Blogs)

  So, summer’s almost over, but I wanted to share a small list of summer reads. (It’s not like anyone’s going to the movies). All of these are books I’ve loved, and I hope you find a few gems…

  • Storm Siren by Mary Weber.

     This is the first book in her Storm Siren Trilogy, an awesome fantasy series. Nym, the main character, has the forbidden ability to summon storms! It has a steampunk/Last Airbender/ Medieval feel to it. And the covers are so pretty! Find out about them on her site: Maryweber.com/books/ . All I can say is the trilogy is uber good.

  • Calvin and Hobbes by Watterson.

   Anyone else love this comic strip? If you read nothing else, read this (and Prodigal God). It’s good for you. Calvin is a bratty little kid and Hobbes is his stuffed(?) tiger… You can check it out at Calvinandhobbes.com. It’s worth it.

  • Northanger Abby by Jane Austin.

Catherine Morland is an averge small-town girl. But one year, she is invited by some family friends to go on a trip to Bath, where she meets high society for the first time. There, she finds new friends: Isabella, who introduces her to horror novels; Isabella’s brother, who with his pride stirs up a fair amount of drama; and the handsome Henry Tilney… (You can read it for free online).

  • Prodigal God by Tim Keller.

   This is a six-star book (out of five). Why do we call the parable the  Prodigal Son? -Both sons were lost, but the father wanted them both to return. Whether you’re an elder son or a younger brother, God is prodigal  (spending resources recklessly) in His love for you. This book is a must-read. You can read about and purchase it here: Timothykeller.com

  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer.(Lunar Chronicles book 1).

   This series is so cool! – It’s futuristic sci-fi fairytale retellings with hints of Starwars. (This one is based off of Cinderella). It does have a plague, so if you’re stressed over covid, you might want to put off reading this. Read about them here: Universe of Marissa Meyer

  • Moon Over Manifest by Grace Vanderpool.

  Hilarious historical fiction, anyone? This book is sooo good. I fell in love when I read ‘discombobulated’, and wasn’t disappointed at all. See Clarevanderpool.com for more information.

  • The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.

   What summer reading list is complete without a murder mystery, really? And Christie is awesome. You can read about it (and purchase it) here: Agatha christie.com. Just don’t read past the quotation, or it will no longer be a mystery.

  Need more? Check out Read Aloud Revival’s books for teen girls: Link!

  I hope you enjoyed this. What are you reading? Comment below and tell us!

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  With love, Blue Pail Bloggers.

  • Tenaya

    Thank you for this list! Galatea has been looking for some new reading material and this is perfect! Thank you Weebs and friend!

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