In Which The Blue Pail Turns 3!!! (And 30+ Books For Christian Teen Girls)

Dear girl, three years ago, I sat down with my best friend to create a blog. We had no idea what we were doing (to be honest, we still don’t), but the Blue Pail was born.

It has been rebranded multiple times (we’ve had 3 logos), but the heart of it remains the same: a safe space for the daughters of God, especially those who never feel like they fit in elsewhere, a place to ramble about niche interests and fall deeper in love with Christ. Whether you curse too much and are hurt, broken, and angry, or if you’re soft and optimistic with a passion for worship, we hope you find a place here.

It’s been a crazy three years, and the blog has barely emerged from the shadows, but I am so grateful to have this tiny little corner of the internet to do whatever I want with (even if I have no idea what to do).

Also, it has come to my attention that I haven’t properly introduced myself here, so I’m gonna try to remember who I am and tell you about myself, what I dream of doing, and what I like.

I also wanted to do something big for this blogiversary, so I made a list of some of my favorite books, which are both clean and really good, which turned out to be over 30 books long. For SEO purposes, it’s 30+ reads for Christian teen girls, but really, it’s just a giant list of some good books.

Side note: if my blog was a human being, she’d be talking now. She would be eating gummy worms and begging you to read to her. The thought makes me happy. We’ve grown a lot since Christianity And Superheroes.

Introducing Myself

Hi! I’m Rebekkah W.ย  I’ve gone by Becka and am considering going by Bek, so feel free to call me anything but Becky. Currently, I’m a sophomore psychology major/theatre minor because people are interesting, and I like being dramatic. (I’d also like to work in counseling someday).

I love Jesus, but I struggle with doubt and church a lot. Right now, I am figuring out what I believe. My favorite verses are Gal 3:3, Psalms 139 and 42, Gen 16:13, and Romans 8. May or may not be working on a devotional book for the lost and broken๐Ÿ‘€.

I scribble stories into notebooks in my free time, but can’t ever seem to finish first drafts. My go-to genre is urban/contemporary fantasy with a bit of romance, at least one angsty character, and a cinnamonroll (usually the male love interest).

There’s always a stack of books in my room (my emotional support stack). I read a little bit of everything, but fantasy is my go-to. Andrew Peterson, Gary D. Schmidt, Marissa Meyer, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Donald Miller, and Nicki Chapelway are some of my favorite authors.

I have succulents, but low-key forget they exist. Music is almost constantly playing in my room (fav genres are rock, pop, and indie). There is usually a hair tie around my wrist, and I usually have at least one ring on. I wear blue mascara. I’m almost 20.

My personality types are INFP and ennagram 9. My zodiac sign, which I don’t believe in but find amusing, is gemini (and I somewhat match). Generally speaking, I am a floor/cat/comfort pasta/tea-but-coffee-when-dead person. I hate actual conflict but adore healthy debates and play fighting and being the devilโ€™s advocate. Sarcasm is my second language, as well as perfectionism + procrastination.

But enough about me. I want to know about YOU! Feel free to overshare in the comments about yourself, your interests, personality types, pet peeves, and Bible verses.

Our 3 Logos

Just a trip down memory lane…

Our First Logo. Kinda basic, but we loved her.
Our 2nd Logo. I adore the colors. Can’t decide if it’s mud or chocolate milk ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Our current Logo (we gave up on pails lol)

30+ Reads For Christian Teen Girls

Finally, here are some book recommendations, from one girl to the next. Finding clean yet delicious (and not cringy) reads is sometimes hard to do. I get it. So, here are over 30 books that I have read and loved over the years. I hope it blesses you.

30+ Reads For Teen Girls (pdf)

Thank you so much for celebrating the third Birthday of the Blue Pail! We really appreciate it! Tell us in the comments about YOU โ€“ your beautiful, wonderful selves โ€“ and feel free to share your favorite reads ๐Ÿ˜.

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