High School Graduation (As A Homeschooler)

Hello, my wonderful readers! So, a few months ago, I graduated high school as a homeschooler!

Having done it, and survived, I thought I’d share my experience (and a playlist) for the homeschoolers to come after me and for the ones …

American Ninja Warrior Is Back!

Hiya wonderful people! Today, I’m fangirling out about my favorite TV show, American Ninja Warrior, and why it’s so awesome. Please, join me in this madness.

So, it’s summer again, and Ninja is back. As soon as I see the …

Journaling: An Art


Ello loves! Annelise here! It has been a long while since I last wrote something here. Rest assured, I shall begin writing much more regularly from now on as to do my part around the blog and take some …

Revamp Your Devotional Life

Summer is a great time (in my opinion, better than new year’s) to refresh your Bible study. And today, I have a few tips to help you revamp and recenter your devotional life.

• Find an opening prayer or devotion.

The Blue Pail Turns One!

Yes people, the blog is officially one year old today! We’re planning a bigger, badder anniversary post that will be posted probably in about a week or two… But for now, let’s celebrate!

Justice League And The Avengers (Part 1).

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  S’up, people? It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, and I apologise for the irregularities in the posting schedule, but at last I have something new…

  A comparison between Justice League and The Avengers. Watching the …

Immanuel Has Come: A Holy Week Bible Study

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I’ve always liked Lent, mournful as it is. In a way, it reminds me of a second Advent.

Throughout both seasons, we mourn our exile and our separation from the Lord of life, yet our mourning is …

7 Winter Reads


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  Hello, wonderful people! Today I have seven winter reads for your reading pleasure. They’re kinda just chill, relaxed books that are simply delicious.

1. Sweep: The Story Of A Girl And Her Monster by

Stuff in the Pail: Fantasy

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  Hello wonderful people! Today I have yet another collection of cool stuff, and this time it’s centered around Fantasy.


  • Auralia’s Colors by Jeffery Overstreet.

I adore this book. Overstreet’s writing is beautiful, and …